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The Center has been awarded over $3 million of research funding from various Federal agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Air Force Rome Lab, and U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and industry.

Current Funding:

  1. "Formal Architectural Specification and Design of Real-Time Distributed Systems", X. He (PI), NSF, HRD-9707076, $500,000, 9/2000 - 8/2002.

  2. "A Theory and Methodology for Testing Concurrent Software Systems", X. He (PI), NSF INT-0096143, $29,013, 1/1/2000 - 4/31/2001.

  3. "Specification and Analysis of Software Architectures of High-Assurance Systems", X. He (PI),NASA, NAG2-1440, Faculty Award for Research, $287,338, 10/1/2000 - 9/30/2003.

Past Funding:
  1. "Formal Architectural Specification and Design of Real-Time Distributed Systems", PI: Yi Deng,Co-PI. Naphtali Rishe, NSF, HDR-9707076, $750,000, 9/1//97 - 8/31/2000

  2. PI, "Architecture-Centered Distributed Enterprise System Development based on CORBA", Baptist Health Systems of South Florida, $114,000, 5/15/98 - 5/14/2001.

  3. Co-PI (PI. Naphtali Rishe, et al.), "High Performance Connection for Florida International University", NSF ANI-9876409, $253,000, 2/1/1999 - 1/31/2001.

  4. "An Incremental Formal Approach for High-Assurance Distributed Systems Design", PI: Yi Deng, Army Research Office, DAAG55-98-1-0428, $40,000, 7/1/98 - 6/30/99.

  5. "Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Architecture and Integration", PI: Yi Deng, Baptist Health System of South Florida, $100,000, 1/15/98 - 7/14/99

  6. "Heterogeneous Distributed Database Management System Incorporating Semantic Binary Databases for an 3-D Visualization System", PI. Naphtali Rishe, Co-PI. Yi Deng, NSF, HDR-9707076, $1.25 million, 9/1//97 - 8/31/2002.

  7. "A Formal Approach for the Design of Distributed Real-Time Systems", PI. Michael Evangelist, Co-PI: Yi Deng(Project Director), Paul Attie , AFOSR, F49620-96-1-0221, $348,000, 4/1/96 - 3/31/99.

  8. "High Performance Database Management with Application to Earth Sciences", PI. Naphtali Rishe, Senior Investigator.Yi Deng, Wei Sun, Cyril Orji, NASA, NAGW-4080, $3.8 million, 9/1/94 - 8/31/99.

  9. "RIA: Executable Specifications for Object-Oriented Systems Design", PI. Yi Deng, NSF, CCR-9308473, $88,922, 7/1/93 - 6/30/97.

  10. "Intermediate Architectural Representations for KBSA ADM", PI. Michael Evangelist, Co-PI Yi Deng(Project Director), Paul C. Attie, Rome Laboratory, U.S. Air Force, F30602-93-C-0247, $400,000, 9/22/93 - 12/31/95.

  11. "Center for Advanced Technology and Education (CATE)", PI. Malek Adjouadi, Co-PI: Yi Deng, Michael Evangelist, et al., NSF, CDA-9313624, $800,000, 9/1/93 - 8/31/96.

  12. "Tractable Methods for the Synthesis of Concurrent Programs", PI. Paul Attie, NSF CAREER, $200,000, 6/97-6/01.

  13. "A Theoretical Framework for specification Refinement via Transformations", PI.Paul Attie, Rome Laboratory, $19,000, 7/1/96 - 8/31/97.

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